FlangeGuard Spray Shields

Thermoseal Inc. is the authorized US distributor for FLANGEGUARDS, safety spray shields.

Safety Shields also known as flange guards are used in a variety of industries, where their primary application is the prevention of harmful spray-outs and mist formation from failing pipe joints, of toxic, corrosive and dangerous liquids such as acid, oil or steam.

Safety or Spray Shields offer the last line of defense. They are not designed to contain the leak indefinitely; they are designed to control the leak safely allowing liquid release vertically. Ultimately, they prevent harmful spray out.

FLANGEGUARDS are manufactured in four material types: PTFE, Clear PTFE, PVC and 316 Stainless Steel.

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Type in a flange size (in decimals of an inch)
Our Part Number Material Type Flange Size (in) ANSI Class Price
SS-FLG-0050-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 0.5 P1 (150lb) $28.10
SS-FLG-0050-P3-CLP Clear PTFE 0.5 P3 (300/600lb) $30.74
SS-FLG-0075-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 0.75 P1 (150lb) $30.74
SS-FLG-0075-P3-CLP Clear PTFE 0.75 P3 (300/600lb) $34.99
SS-FLG-0100-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 1 P1 (150lb) $32.75
SS-FLG-0100-P3-CLP Clear PTFE 1 P3 (300/600lb) $35.39
SS-FLG-0125-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 1.25 P1 (150lb) $34.99
SS-FLG-0125-P3-CLP Clear PTFE 1.25 P3 (300/600lb) $36.99
SS-FLG-0150-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 1.5 P1 (150lb) $35.39
SS-FLG-0150-P3-CLP Clear PTFE 1.5 P3 (300/600lb) $37.23
SS-FLG-0200-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 2 P1 (150lb) $37.23
SS-FLG-0200-P3-CLP Clear PTFE 2 P3 (300/600lb) $41.31
SS-FLG-0250-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 2.5 P1 (150lb) $42.27
SS-FLG-0250-P3-CLP Clear PTFE 2.5 P3 (300/600lb) $45.32
SS-FLG-0300-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 3 P1 (150lb) $45.32
SS-FLG-0300-P3-CLP Clear PTFE 3 P3 (300/600lb) $48.52
SS-FLG-0350-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 3.5 P1 (150lb) $48.52
SS-FLG-0350-P3-CLP Clear PTFE 3.5 P3 (300/600lb) $54.20
SS-FLG-0400-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 4 P1 (150lb) $54.20
SS-FLG-0400-P2-CLP Clear PTFE 4 P2 (300lb) $60.52
SS-FLG-0600-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 6 P1 (150lb) $66.85
SS-FLG-0600-P2-CLP Clear PTFE 6 P2 (300lb) $74.21
SS-FLG-0800-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 8 P1 (150lb) $73.57
SS-FLG-0800-P2-CLP Clear PTFE 8 P2 (300lb) $81.74
SS-FLG-1000-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 10 P1 (150lb) $85.74
SS-FLG-1000-P2-CLP Clear PTFE 10 P2 (300lb) $95.11
SS-FLG-1200-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 12 P1 (150lb) $100.32
SS-FLG-1200-P2-CLP Clear PTFE 12 P2 (300lb) $111.36
SS-FLG-1400-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 14 P1 (150lb) $116.25
SS-FLG-1400-P2-CLP Clear PTFE 14 P2 (300lb) $140.51
SS-FLG-1600-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 16 P1 (150lb) $136.67
SS-FLG-1600-P2-CLP Clear PTFE 16 P2 (300lb) $151.63
SS-FLG-1800-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 18 P1 (150lb) $149.48
SS-FLG-1800-P2-CLP Clear PTFE 18 P2 (300lb) $165.96
SS-FLG-2000-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 20 P1 (150lb) $176.85
SS-FLG-2000-P2-CLP Clear PTFE 20 P2 (300lb) $194.54
SS-FLG-2400-P1-CLP Clear PTFE 24 P1 (150lb) $204.79
SS-FLG-2400-P2-CLP Clear PTFE 24 P2 (300lb) $229.13